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About the Manufacturers 4 Meals Campaign

With your help, our 2021 goal is to raise $50,000 in food and financial support for Feed Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia families. Please join us!

Join us! is a campaign, challenge and cooperative effort by Nova Scotia’s Manufacturing Community to raise funds and (COVID-permitting) rally food support for Feed Nova Scotia.

Please join us whether you’re a manufacturer, assembler or manufacturing-related company using the form on this page.

You can also subscribe for news and updates by choosing the ‘Media’ option in the form.

Thanks for your support.

    “With your help, not only can we support Feed Nova Scotia’s great work, we will grow the community spirit of industrial, manufacturing and machine shops across the province.”

    We will focus our efforts on fundraising until September 1st and then turn our attention to food donations until December 10th (to minimize spoilage — COVID rules permitting).

    Read more about Feed Nova Scotia’s most needed items.

    As the December 10th, 2021 campaign deadline approaches our volunteers (feel free to volunteer for the organizing committee!) will contact you with drop-off times and locations. All participants will be recognized so sign up today no matter how big or small your organization.

    I look forward to working with you and invite you to forward this invitation to your colleagues and challenge other Nova Scotian companies to participate.

    Read about Feed Nova Scotia here.

    Thanks in advance for your interest and support,

    James Gillis

    2021 Chairman, Manufacturers for Meals for Feed Nova Scotia

    (902) 469-3606 |